This is the incredible team of volunteers that helps us run the Discord server and maintain the AB website.
Huge thanks to each and every one of you for donating your time to our cause.


Server Support

Heyo! Tanuki here! Hopefully if you've been around the AnthroBrand site for a while you know I'm a writer and help Mariah out when I can. If not, here's a quick introduction: I go by Bad_Tanuki, Tanuki, or Eric, and my sona is, in fact, a tanuki. (Surprise?) I've been on staff with AnthroBrand basically since it started and I'm working on getting a better computer so I can stream later on down the line. Being more involved with the community is my ultimate goal, but as of now I help out on the main server while also working full-time. I've only been a part of anthro community for a few years, but I've made plenty of friends, had lots of laughs, and hope to have many more. 


Server Support

Hey folks! My name is Val, or Valentia, and I'm mainly an amateur content creator outside of volunteering for AnthroBrand! While I may not make content for the community, I've been able to find a home within the anthro community in a personal manner. In the few shorts years since I discovered the anthro community, I've been able to find a part of myself that I feel more than comfortable sharing with the world. Not just for brand sake, but for myself as an individual first and foremost. Come on, who wouldn't want to be a handsome, golden-yellow otter on the internet? I'm hopeful that with my unique expertise among the staff, I'll be able to provide some insight into avenues outside of artistry. It's my way of giving back to the community that whole heartedly welcomed me in!


Server Support

Aloha! I go by Spacefuture, or Space, and I've been helping out with the server side of things here at AnthroBrand. Throughout my life, I've always enjoyed making stories, settings, and characters, and many of my designs involve anthro or anthro-adjacent creatures. These days I work almost exclusively in pencils, except for designing maps or flags. You can find examples of my work in the AB server itself, and also on Twitter.

The AB community is really welcoming and I hope you all find yourself a place here.

Hen, With A Tie

Server Support

Hey everybody! The name's the Hen with a Tie, or more simply Hen by most people that know me. I'm a mostly NSFW digital artist, walking hentai pun, and an upholder of the 34th rule of the internet. I also live by the phrase "cute and lewd is the best combo." In regards to the anthro community, an old friend once put it best: "with that name, you doomed yourself to becoming a furry, huh?" I've been a part of the community for as long as I've been under this alias (since 2018), but I have been drawing since the young age of 5; swapping to digital art in 2014. I have been honing my skills and working on commissions throughout the years, still learning much more as I continue drawing. If you want to nerd out about digital art, I'm your guy to talk to!



Hi there, I'm Keero~! Behind the scenes I'm maintaining and improving the AB website and working on some upcoming technical projects for AnthroBrand. I've considered myself a silent member of the Anthro community, joining sometime in 2014, but since 2020 I've been occasionally sneaking out of my den to share doodles on Twitter, fight my fear of interaction, and hopefully make friends. I may be very quiet on Discord and social media, but if you ever need a helping paw or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to me anytime. I won't bite, I promise!