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Mariah joined the Anthro community in 2008 and received her business education from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. After leaving behind a career in space flight, she has been involved in the creation and implementation of leadership development, continuous improvement, and content creation programs with companies such as American, Piedmont, and Envoy Airlines. Currently, she holds a position with American as a member of the Global Learning Operations team. AnthroBrand is a passion project for her and she hopes to continue to bring the community together while cutting down on the overall toxicity levels that are seen every single day.

Trevor G.

Board Member

Trev discovered the Anthro community in 2006 after realizing there was a term for his anthropomorphic interests. He is currently a full time student, finishing his associates degree in entrepreneurship, and will soon be moving on to Oregon State University to pursue a double major in Business and Computer Science. Trev is a self-proclaimed hobbyist and is constantly exploring new interests while expanding his skill base. His current major focus is wood craft, 3-D printing, and dabbling in Python code. He is also a massive fan of coffee and currently studying different brew methods. While still very much a novice in visual arts, Trev is passionate about creativity of all kinds within the community. He joined AnthroBrand in April, 2021 in order to assist Mariah in spreading both knowledge and creativity.

Charlie Ascende

Board Member

Charlie learned about the Anthro community in 2009 and quickly found an interest in Anthro aesthetics. This helped him to expand his creativity over the horizon and pursue a new hobby. After graduating high school, he hoped to create his own story saga with a series of novels, dubbing his space opera universe 'Ascendance.' Charlie continues to work on this series today, pursing independent publishing. Aside from writing, he spends his time drawing personal art and references, helping him expand his world and continue to create new aspects of the Ascendance universe. He's currently on the hunt for a new job that will help him afford a place of his own while still allowing him creative freedom on his days off.