Welcome Dreamkeepers!

by Mariah published on Oct 16, 2020 3 min read

Aside from their award winning comic, Dave and Liz, the creators of Dreamkeepers, also write articles much like the ones you have seen here on AnthroBrand. They too have a passion for the Anthro community and want to see more people sharing knowledge through articles, tutorials such as how-to videos and comics, and promoting positivity while doing their best to cut down on the overall toxicity we see from time to time.

With this new partnership you will begin to see a few different things. Firstly, AnthroBrand will begin hosting Dreamkeepers content! That's right! Scroll through the home page of AnthroBrand to see some of your favorite Dreamkeepers characters right here with us. Click on them and you can hop right over to the Dreamkeepers site to explore a world that is years in the making and rich with lore! Secondly, you will see articles written by the creators of Dreamkeepers themselves, all about the Anthro community that we know and love.

Now, before anybody panics, AnthroBrand isn't changing! Our mission is still the same, I'm still going to offer my consulting services (for free), and our writers are still going to be posting content that is relevant to our community on a regular basis. I am sorry that things have been so random lately, but between classes and job hunting, I haven't had a ton of free time! So please, just stick with us and enjoy the things we do; because we are doing our very best.

I hope to get back to producing regular content for the site once my life settles down into anything that can be called routine, but until then I will continue to put out articles as often as I can. I have an entire topic list that continues to grow while I work through my courses and I am really looking forward to tackling things like freelance taxes, PayPal tips and tricks, and even pointers on dealing with toxicity. I've definitely got things to write, I just need to find the time for the research and drafting.

As always, thank you so much for reading and once again, welcome Dreamkeepers!

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