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by Mariah published on Aug 12, 2020 8 min read
Art: @YurusaArt

Hello! Welcome to the very first AnthroBrand artist feature! Every now and again I will run one of these to highlight an artist in the anthro community. There are no requirements to be featured on this site and anyone can participate! If you are interested, please send me an email or reach out to me on twitter! All of my contact information can be found on the home page.

Now then, let's get to it! These are done in an interview style, with ten questions that I send out to be answered in the artist's own words. This gives us a peek into their life as an artist and just helps us as a community get to know someone a little better. Remember, please check out my article on interacting with artists before reaching out to anyone you see featured here.

This is Yurusa, a lovely bat who draws super cute things! Let's see how they handled my hard-hitting art questions!

How long have you been drawing in the general sense?

I started drawing a bit ago! I would have to say I first started around 2012 when I was in junior high school. I didn’t start taking art very seriously until 2014-2015 when I was like man... this really is a lot of fun! I totally want to see myself doing this for a living.

How long have you been doing digital art?

I started digital art around the end of high school! My art teacher at the time was very supportive when it came to us exploring different mediums, and I knew right away that I wanted to get into digital art. She provided us with an art tablet to use while at school and I would spend an entire week making a new art piece trying to learn how to use the tablet.

What was your first digital art tablet? What was good about it, what was bad?

My first art tablet was a Wacom Intuos pen tablet. I actually still have the thing and use it as my to-go tablet! It’s portable and it was cheap. It's a really nice starting tablet and could fit just about anywhere I needed it to. Since I was just getting into digital art and always moving around it was the perfect choice. Tablets can be pretty dang expensive, and I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot on one unless you knew you were serious about getting into digital art, either as a living or a serious hobby! Though it did have its cons: it had a small drawing area and there was a slight learning curve with drawing in one spot while looking at another. But I got used to it!

Do you consider yourself a furry? Or do you just enjoy the Anthro community for the art and characters?

I would absolutely consider myself a furry! I enjoy the community for all its aspects. The art, characters, the people, everything! There is so much it has to offer and as a creative person it is the perfect outlet to channel energy as well as to meet amazing people.

What brought you to the Anthro community?

I got into the Anthro community shortly after getting into the My Little Pony community. I really enjoyed the art aspect the MLP community had to offer and I was impressed to find out how much more extensive it was in the Anthro community! There are so many different species and different types of people to meet!

Who is your favorite artist? What do you admire about them?

My favorite artist would have to be Carrot (@CarrotsCritters). Carrot has inspired me to always push forward and keep improving; and is the reason I am where I am now as an artist. To always be learning and to just have fun with what you do! They’re one of the most affable people I’ve ever met and they’re just a beacon of art knowledge. Their art has amazing compositional use and narrative properties and it’s always a lot of fun to look at. Plus, cute things!

If you could give one piece of advice to new artists, what would it be?

To never give up and just have patience! Look at what you want to be and just go. Learning to be an artist takes a lot of time; it’s not a race. Time will fly and, in a few years, you will be surprised where you end up. When you think that you are hitting a brick wall and you think you do not have the capabilities to improve. Look back a year ago and you'll realize you probably said the same exact thing then! So, just keep going!

What are your art goals?

My art goals are really just to keep improving. I don't really know if I want to work at a specific studio or have any specific projects, I am just happy enough to be putting my creativity to screen! I enjoy making things and nothing makes me happier than to see other people happy!

If you could master any art skill overnight, what would it be?

2D animation! I would love to be able to put my ideas in literal motion, there is just so much that you can tell in an animation that you can’t in a single still image!

Tell me a little known fact about yourself!

I really love drawing cute things with a more animalistic side, probably why bats are my favorite animal! This cute flying fluff ball with big ol’ fangs and claws. Just a really fun dual aspect!

So there you have it! A quick peek into the artist behind the bat. I hope this has offered a little insight into what makes Yurusa tick and where they draw their inspiration from. It's important to remember that all of the wonderful artists in our community are real people, with wants and needs and dreams and- You get the point! They are real! We should all support each other and do our best to make the Anthro community a nice place. After all, without us, it wouldn't even exist in the first place.

I want to extend a huge thanks to Yurusa for participating in my Artist Feature! It's always fun to read and learn about those around us. If you're interested in an artist feature, don't hesitate to reach out! Thanks again for reading and as always, feedback is appreciated~

Art: @MerlinMakes

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