Are you looking for an advertising partner in the Anthro community? Let's talk!

Digital Advertising

AnthroBrand is happy to partner with positive initiatives within our community. Are you running a charity raffle? Do you have a big project coming up that you want to share? Then please don't hesitate to reach out! Our team of writers is ready to help you spread the word and also host your images right here on our site.

Cost of Advertising

Unfortunately, advertising on AnthroBrand is not free. We sell advertising space on the site to help us cover things like operating costs. We're not here to make a profit, that's never been our mission, but we will ask for a small fee if you would like for us to promote your event/product each time we have a visitor stop by.

What We Won't Advertise

If it's relevant to the Anthro community and something positive, we're in! While this isn't a comprehensive list, here are a few things we aren't really interested in:

  • Political Campaigns
  • Personal-Cause Fundraising
  • Faith-Based Groups
  • Buzz-Word Agendas
  • Cancel Campaigns
  • Call-out Culture

If you have any questions, please reach out with your proposal. We would still like to hear it, even if you're unsure.

Advertising Policies

Payment and Cancellation

All digital advertising will be paid up front after site revisions are agreed upon by both AnthroBrand and the purchaser. The terms for each agreement will be set and unique to each contract. In the event of a cancellation, AnthroBrand must be notified within 72 hours of invoicing for the purchaser to receive a full refund. If notice is not received within 72 hours, a 25% fee will be assessed for the work already done to implement the advertising, and subsequently remove it, and the remaining funds will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. All advertising will be invoiced through PayPal.


All advertising questions, comments, or cancellation notices should be sent via email to; or handled via Discord.


AnthroBrand reserves the right to revoke and remove any advertising at any time. Some examples that may cause your advertising to be removed are, but not limited to:

  • Ads that violate our Terms of Service
  • Ads that violate our Advertising Policy
  • Ads that contain distasteful or hate speech
  • Ads that are submitted in bad-faith against our Advertising Policy
  • Ads that are discovered to contain "code words" or other implied, hidden meanings or symbols