Our Shared Passion

Art by Rosie- on FA

Most people just know us as Mariah and Shilo, or the girls from AnthroBrand, and that's totally okay~ Yes, there are two girls behind the screen that make all of this work, but we are happy to be known as our sonas. We have always believed that keeping our Anthro lives separate from our real ones is a good thing, so please don't hesitate to just call us by our online names. These two are just as real as we are anyway, maybe even more so!

We have both been a part of the Anthro community for a very long time (over 20 years combined) and we have recently decided to use the professional talents that we have gained, while working for international companies like American Airlines and Starbucks, to help artists of all kinds achieve their goals. Mariah has a formal education from Stephen F. Austin State University, is experienced in Project Management and LEAN Six Sigma. She also has a professional background in leadership development, corporate instruction, and both creative and technical writing. Shilo's career started early and she dove right into working with people. Serving in various management positions within the Hospitality industry, she has honed her ability to motivate people towards their goals. Between the two of us, there isn't anything we can't help with.

If you have any questions about us, our dreams for this site, or just want to get in touch, just send us an email or find us on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter. We're more than happy to sit and chat with you about your work~