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Empowering Anthro creators through shared knowledge and one-on-one organizational consulting.


A shared passion.

We have been a part of the Anthro community for over 20 years and, just like you, we have seen the good, the bad, and the sparkledogs. We genuinely love Anthro art and the community of people that it draws in, so we decided to share our professional talents in an effort to help those around us. The Anthro community is full of talented creators and we're here to help.

In our spare time, we work as independent consultants and I'm sure you're wondering what that means. Our goal is to help creators get organized, become more productive, gain a basic understanding of marketing, and begin to put their name out there in a constructive fashion. We plan to accomplish this with both one-on-one and group interactions through Discord and Telegram.

We will share knowledge about proven organizational techniques, ways to avoid burnout, methods to market yourself and your art, how to know what size queue is right for you, and many other topics relevant to the Anthro community. And the best part is, nearly everything we do is completely free!

As always, if you have any questions please reach out to me directly at

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TL;DR: What We Do

Project Management

Freelance Commissions and Team Projects

Community Planning

Discord and Telegram Group Administration

Productivity Assistance

Schedule and Productivity Consultations